The Sharif family leaves two more offices

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SLAMABAD: In a sudden development, the parliamentary party of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League PML-N decided on Thursday to withdraw the name of the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee PAC, nominating Rana Tanveer Hussain instead.

The parliamentary party, which met here at the House of Parliament with the PML-N president, Raja Zafarul Haq, in the presidency after the National Assembly session, also nominated Khawaja Muhammad Asif for the post of parliamentary leader of the Parliament. party in the Chamber.
The decisions taken by the parliamentary party on Thursday have also raised doubts about the return of Shahbaz Sharif in the near future. The opposition leader was scheduled to return to Pakistan on May 7, but now party sources say the program had been changed on the advice of doctors in London.
The president of the National Assembly, Asad Qaisar, in an informal chat told the people in the media that his office had not yet received any request from the opposition regarding the change in the PAC presidency.”I will make the decision once an opposition request is made regarding the decision,” the speaker said. The speaker is not obliged to appoint the president of the PAC of the opposition parties. However, since the appointment of then opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in this space, it has become a tradition to remove the PAC president from the opposition in the National Assembly.The sources said the meeting also discussed the appointment of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to replace Shahbaz Sharif as the opposition leader in the National Assembly. The final decision will be made in consultation with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, however, after speaking with the media, rejected rumors about the change of the opposition leader. He said that the decision to withdraw the name of Shahbaz Sharif had been made in view of his state of health, and said that according to the Letter of Democracy (Cd) reached between the PML-N and the PPP, the president of the PAC would be withdrawn of the opposition. match.

She said that it might be the wish of some people that Shahbaz Sharif is replaced as the opposition leader but the same would not happen. Meanwhile, sources said most of the PML-N leaders expressed displeasure over the policy of the party. Sources said Khawaja Saad Rafique said during the parliamentary party meeting that there was a narrative of Nawaz Sharif, but what narrative is being followed by the party. He said weak people are being given big party positions. He said more problems will happen in Punjab with loot sale of party offices. He said the party was facing loss due to its vague policy.

Mian Javed Latif said that no other story is acceptable than that of Nawaz Sharif. He said that an “establishment” of four or five people has been created in the PML-N, which is unacceptable. He said that between four and five people are taking the decisions of the party without trusting the activists.

The People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP) has expressed reservations about the decision of PML-N to grant the presidency of the PAC to Rana Tanveer. “The leadership of PML-N did not consult the PPP on Shahbaz Sharif’s decision to resign from the PAC presidency,” said PPP Information Secretary Dr. Nafeesa Shah in a statement.

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