The governor of the SBP resigns, the head of FBR eliminated

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There are also reports of the replacement of FBR president Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, but the Establishment Division did not issue any formal notice to this effect until the presentation of this report on Friday night. Different names are being considered, including Dr. Waqar Masood, Abdul Wajid Rana and Dr. Ashfaque Hassan Khan, for the appointment of a new governor of the SBP. After the departure of Asad Umar as finance minister, the government is introducing important changes in its economic team. The government had recently appointed Younas Dagha as Secretary of Finance and there were reports of the dismissal of the governor of the SBP and the president of FBR. Tariq Bajwa was asked on Friday to submit his resignation because the governor of the SBP could not be replaced by an executive order. Bajwa was appointed governor of the SBP in July 2017 for three years and his term would be completed in July 2020. “The government asked me to submit the resignation, so I decided to resign,” Tariq Bajwa confirmed to The News. when contacted on Friday night. Bajwa said he did not know the reason for his expulsion and that no one argued with him about his expulsion. “Today they asked me to present my resignation and I did,” he said. He was reluctant to comment more. However, when asked about the time of his resignation when the IMF mission is in town for a bailout, he said the timing is bad, but he would not comment further.

On the replacement of the president of FBR, Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, the main sources said that he had worked until the night and that his staff was not aware of any development in this regard. The government has powers to replace any bureaucrat from one position to another, but no notice of the dismissal of Jehanzeb Khan was issued until Friday night. The president of FBR has received severe criticism for the huge income deficit during the first 10 months of the current fiscal year. The FBR faces a deficit of R $ 355 billion in the first ten months at a time when the FBR intends to collect Rs4,398 billion through June 30. Khan had always told his nearby officers that he wanted to correct the system, so no one should. Get progress to inflate the revenue figures. The sources said that the lobbying could begin between the Internal Revenue Service or the Customs Group for the main position in case the superior officer changes. The news desk adds: According to a foreign news agency, a source in the prime minister’s office confirmed that both had been fired. Local television channels also reported that both officials had been removed.

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