Seventy five years ago Lease Lend burden

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Seventy five years ago Lease Lend burden. CALCUTTA: The fruitful extension of Lease-Lend’s idea of ​​war was full of immense … possibilities, Mr. N.R. Sarker, a former Commerce member of the Government of India, today opened the third Bengal Economic Conference [May 1].

He added that, of course, much would depend on the lease contracts as to how the final balance would be prepared after the war and whether some highlights would be allowed.

There was a very erroneous notion about Leases in this country, it was often said that, with it, much of our capital resources, if not the country itself, was being mortgaged. Of course, there was no truth in such statements but, at the same time, it was necessary to examine the burden that was being imposed under Lease-Lend in India and whether it could be considered fair and equitable.

However, for the present, it was justified to consider the basic principle of Lease-Lend as a definitive gain for the idea of ​​cooperation independently of the quantitative differences in the contribution.

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