Not NRO if I am PM or not, Imran

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Imran also spoke about leaving the office for the first time, but expressed the resolution not to sign another national reconciliation ordinance (NRO). The prime minister was speaking with high-level journalists on national issues in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Friday. He rejected any proposal to introduce the form of presidential government in the country. He reiterated that those members of the federal cabinet could retain the position he will deliver. Members who do not work in the cabinet will be shown the door, he said. He said that competent people would be included in the federal cabinet and could be chosen from all sides, since it has to show the performance of the government. “I am bringing a technical team, since it is irrelevant who is elected and who is not.” The prime minister, who is also the leader of the house in two chambers of parliament, announced that he will attend the National Assembly on Monday, May 6.

Imran Khan said that the former finance minister, Asad Umer, will once again be part of the federal cabinet. Umar rejected the prime minister’s offer to head the energy ministry last month and opted to resign from the federal cabinet. “The change of ministers is only to change the batting order,” said the prime minister, adding that the government will make use of all the appropriate individuals for the good of the country. “In the absence of experts, we are assigning technocrats,” the prime minister said, adding that he has to show the performance of his government. The prime minister again criticized the opposition parties saying they are trying to get away with their corruption while using democracy as an excuse. The prime minister said he does not care about his position as prime minister but will not sign an NRO. Khan said he had been mistreated for eight months in Parliament to force him to offer NRO to the opposition, adding that he would not mind if he loses office but would not give in to pressure for such a concession. “In 2016, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan stated that the accounts of Bilawal Bhutto and Ayyan Ali were being paid for the same accounts, am I doing these cases?” Asked the prime minister when referring to the ongoing liability process in the country.

Imran Khan said he felt embarrassed to sit in the National Assembly due to the unpleasant language used by the opposition. “I can not understand what is going on in the Parliament, for eight months, there have only been conflicts there.” Khan recalled that, unlike the past, the administration is not obliged to make certain decisions.The merit was mocked in the past, said , so the country has reached the current situation. He said that the government attached great esteem to the judiciary and the NAB. He said that the intelligence reports suggest that some people of the PTM had collected money from foreign elements that are enemies of Pakistan. He said the IMF is monitoring Pakistan’s economic indicators. Imran expressed the hope that the good time will come after the difficult times. “We will show people our performance in five years,” he added.

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