It Is Pretty Typical Restaurants To Have Some Form Of Entertainment

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It Is Pretty Typical Restaurants To Have Some Form Of Entertainment

bidi; It is pretty typical for restaurants to have some form of entertainment today. Let us face it though, some entertainment just is not that good, and few venues have gotten it right. That is why these select few are known as the Best Boston Restaurants for Entertainment. I am going to tell you what kind of things draw in the crowd and what kinds just scare people away.

One of the latest fads is open mic night. This whole thing started for two reasons. One, because people got sick of listening to drunks singing bad karaoke. Two, after Youtube exploded many people realized that there are a lot of great singers and musicians out there. Hosting an open mic night is a great way for an establishment to connect with its loyal customers and maybe draw in some new ones. People rarely perform somewhere without telling their friends about it. So chances are you are going to have people coming in that have never been to your restaurant before and you have the opportunity to show them why they should come back. Open mic nights are also free. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find bands or performers that are willing to put on a show for free. Hosting an event like this provides free entertainment and can spice up one of your slower weekday nights.

Another good option is game tournaments. Now this may sound lame but just think about it, the Best Boston Restaurants for entertainment are not just thinking inside the box. Hosting a board game night can provide extra business on slow nights. People are more likely to stay longer after their meals have been finished and will probably keep ordering drinks. You can make this a weekly or monthly event and there is very little initial cost to you. Board games can be found at the local thrift store and will run you maybe a couple bucks each. Maybe you can even make it a tournament style and offer up a prize to the winner of the night. This is a small price to pay for extra business.

Poetry slams and spoken word events are on the rise. Many people are scared of these events because they think that it is all about politics and people angry about something. These people are what I like to call wrong. Poetry slams are becoming more popular and everyone from college kids to musicians to business professionals has something to say. This event is like open mic for people who can’t sing. Once again it is free and can be a weekly or monthly installment for your restaurant.

Boston has a wide variety of restaurant types and groups of people. In order to stand out in the crowd you have to be willing to try something different. The best way for you to do this will be for you to consider these options. Now they may not be right for your restaurant but they could lead you to some better ideas. The Best Boston Restaurants for entertainment are always changing and you want to be one of them.

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